Japan Zine- digit­al edition

A couple of years ago I won some plane tick­ets to Japan, and went inter-rail­ing around West­ern Japan with my friend Vicky. The whole trip was short notice and on a very low budget, but we had fun. When I came back I made a zine about the trip. The paper edition is still avail­able here, but for the fore­see­able future I can only send phys­ic­al copies to the UK. So I’ve made a digit­al edition for people to read.

Japan Roundup

So I’ve finally put up all the photos I took in Japan. Below is a summary and links to each post. I have also created some designs for gifts and home­wares over on Soci­ety 6 with my photo­graphs from Japan. You can find them here.


One of our final stop-offs in Japan was Hiroshi­ma. Hiroshi­ma is most famous for being the first city (and so far 50% of all cities) to be nucle­ar bombed. Nearly everything in the city was destroyed, and at least 50% of the popu­la­tion died, with the surviv­ors often suffer­ing extreme health prob­lems after­wards. Nearly all the build­ings in the city are modern- the Atom­ic Dome pictured above was one of the few old build­ings stand­ing. Visit­ing Hiroshi­ma has only increased my belief in nucle­ar disarm­a­ment. (And I’m for unilat­er­al disarm­a­ment- some­thing the UK govern­ment had the chance to do last year but didn’t, with choos­ing to renew the Trident missiles).

I’m going to Japan

This March I’m going to Japan for two weeks with my friend Vicky (also of Pen Fight zine distro), co-incid­ing with her 30th birth­day.

A little while ago, I won a compet­i­tion I’d entered at a food fair run by Japan Centre food halls.The top prize was two flights to Osaka cour­tesy of Air France KLM, five nights stay at the Hyatt hotel in Kyoto (way, way out of my normal budget), and a free tour of the Gekkeik­an Sake Brew­ery. The runners up got free sake. I’ve entered this kind of compet­i­tion before, but only ever won the free booze at best, so I was aston­ished to hear that I was the winner, and didn’t quite believe it was real until the whole trip was firmly booked yester­day. So a big thank you to Kim at Japan Centre (and also for the deli­cious free lunch at the company’s restaur­ant when I collec­ted the prize).

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