Japan Roundup

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So I’ve finally put up all the photos I took in Japan. Below is a summary and links to each post. I have also created some designs for gifts and home­wares over on Soci­ety 6 with my photo­graphs from Japan. You can find them here.

I also wrote a zine about the trip, but it isn’t avail­able until I return from teach­ing summer school in August/​September. If you’re inter­ested in order­ing one, you can sign up here to be emailed once it’s back in stock.

Japan Playl­ist– A selec­tion of songs by Japan­ese artists and others I listened to on the trip



All Neon Like– instagram photos of Tokyo

Miyazaki’s Read­ing List- a visit to the Studio Ghib­li museum and book­shop

Kyoto I

Kyoto II

Kyoto Shrines & Temples

Ema– Japan­ese good fortune plaques

Moss is Slow Life– the Zen gardens of Kyoto

Naoshi­ma– Japan’s Art Island

The Benesse Modern Art Museum

Okun­oshi­ma– Bunny Island

Indi­ana Jones and the Temple of Deer– Nara’s tame temple deer

Nara’s Gardens


Some Japan­ese books


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