Japan Zine- digit­al edition

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A couple of years ago I won some plane tick­ets to Japan, and went inter-rail­ing around West­ern Japan with my friend Vicky. The whole trip was short notice and on a very low budget, but we had fun. When I came back I made a zine about the trip. The paper edition is still avail­able here, but for the fore­see­able future I can only send phys­ic­al copies to the UK. So I’ve made a digit­al edition for people to read.

You can see the read­ing list of Miyazaki’s favour­ite books here, and loads of photos from the trip here.

If you enjoyed the zine and would other­wise have bought it, you can stick some change in here via Payp­al.


  • Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshi­ma, and Naoshi­ma
  • Ghib­li museum, Shinto Shrines and Buddhist Temples
  • Meat-free Japan on an extremely low budget
  • Rabbits, Deer, Cats and Herons

The zine is for person­al read­ing only. Commer­cial use is not allowed.

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