Japan Zine- digital edition

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A couple of years ago I won some plane tickets to Japan, and went inter-railing around Western Japan with my friend Vicky. The whole trip was short notice and on a very low budget, but we had fun. When I came back I made a zine about the trip. The paper edition is still available here, but for the foreseeable future I can only send physical copies to the UK. So I’ve made a digital edition for people to read.

You can see the reading list of Miyazaki’s favourite books here, and loads of photos from the trip here.

If you enjoyed the zine and would otherwise have bought it, you can stick some change in here via Paypal.


  • Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, and Naoshima
  • Ghibli museum, Shinto Shrines and Buddhist Temples
  • Meat-free Japan on an extremely low budget
  • Rabbits, Deer, Cats and Herons

The zine is for personal reading only. Commercial use is not allowed.

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