Margate Activ­ity Books

I’ve made a children’s activ­ity book about vari­ous loca­tions in Margate, with open-ended draw­ing and writ­ing activ­it­ies that encour­age obser­va­tion, explor­a­tion and creativ­ity, with very clear layouts and instruc­tions. Suit­able for age 7+.

Lunatrak­t­ors at Halloween

I took some photos of my “broken folk” musi­cian friends the Lunatrak­t­ors doing a Halloween perform­ance. The setting was an art install­a­tion of a crypt of obsol­ete tech­no­logy in a tunnel on the seafront by  Sadie Hennessy. The metal­work head­pieces were created by local jeweller and metal­work­er Billie M Vigne. 

Feral Prac­tice

Earli­er this week I went to a free art work­shop hosted by Open School East. Open School East is a combin­a­tion art course/​residency and students are required to organ­ise public art work­shops. This time envir­on­ment­al artist Fiona MacDon­ald aka Feral Prac­tice was the visit­ing artist. There was a talk about ants and fungi and the aim of “meet­ing  with animal/​plant/​place through the processes and reflex­iv­ity of art”, and then we went out into a local park with a wood­land area to do some clas­sic sensory/​location art activ­it­ies. Here are my sketch­book pages and some snaps from the day.


Hello from the south­ern hemi­sphere. Here’s some new press shots of my friends’ band Bismuth I took a few weeks ago at the origin­al UK Botany Bay…

So I moved back to Kent…

So I moved back to Kent last week. (I’m knackered after trav­el­ling round Germany for three weeks and then moving house back-to-back). To Margate in partic­u­lar. I grew up in Medway, a little way to the west, but left when I was eight­een to go to univer­sity, as it didn’t feel like there were any oppor­tun­it­ies for me. Nearly fifteen years later, here I am. A lot has changed in that time.

Margate Shell Grotto

Earli­er in the summer I went to the Margate Shell Grotto with my mum. I thought it was a piece of victori­an tour­ist kitsch from memory, but it wasn’t like that at all.

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