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Hello from the south­ern hemi­sphere where I have had a great time in Singa­pore, Melbourne and Tasmania, and am plan­ning to go whale watch­ing in Botany Bay (NSW) tomor­row. I won’t be back in the UK for anoth­er week. In the mean­time here’s some new press shots of my friends’ band Bismuth I took a few weeks ago at the origin­al UK Botany Bay. Joe’s sunglasses broke on the drive down to Margate, and I remembered I had these green mirrored ones in a draw­er. I got them for a few euros from a vend­ing machine in the street outside this opti­cians in Graz in Austria a while back. I didn’t even need sunglasses, I have prescrip­tion ones, they just looked cool and the novelty appealed. I never wore them, as they are too big for me. They’ve found a new home on Joe, who they look much better on.












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