Feral Prac­tice

Earli­er this week I went to a free art work­shop hosted by Open School East. Open School East is a combin­a­tion art course/​residency and students are required to organ­ise public art work­shops. This time envir­on­ment­al artist Fiona MacDon­ald aka Feral Prac­tice was the visit­ing artist. There was a talk about ants and fungi and the aim of “meet­ing  with animal/​plant/​place through the processes and reflex­iv­ity of art”, and then we went out into a local park with a wood­land area to do some clas­sic sensory/​location art activ­it­ies. Here are my sketch­book pages and some snaps from the day.

We went out into the woods and did a clas­sic blind­fold percep­tion activ­ity.

Here’s Rosie‘s descrip­tions of the leaves and twigs she was feel­ing while blind­folded.

Rosie’s descrip­tion of cut grass, and my tree-strok­ing exper­i­ence.

We had five minutes to assemble some­thing and give a present­a­tion about its extreme artist­ic signi­fic­ance. There is only one correct angle to view this install­a­tion from (via the lens of soci­ety, bowed to the ground). If you view it from other angles, you’re perceiv­ing it wrong. Altern­at­ive percep­tions are not allowed in the gallery and you will be expelled.

We feathered our own nest.

Examin­ing the world through a loupe.

Jemma ponders life as plastic waste. What a waste of a dino­saur to make a Morrison’s ready meal tray. (Thanet has a really bad litter prob­lem)

Lichen is a team.


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