Wack­en Earth

I got this post­card from a super­mar­ket in a small town in NW Germany near where the fest­iv­al is held. I hope it has genu­ine Rammstein tears in the soil sample, or I’ll ask for my €3 back


Hello from the south­ern hemi­sphere. Here’s some new press shots of my friends’ band Bismuth I took a few weeks ago at the origin­al UK Botany Bay…

Bloody Head

So here’s anoth­er gig I’m help­ing to organ­ise and did the poster for. This time I went for a pretty simple design. Spilt blood speaks for itself…

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So I recently did some artwork for an album cover- Human Ruins by Dawn­walk­er (featur­ing Dane Cross from Sacred Son, who caused an incred­ible fuss last with the Black Metal fanboys with his choice of album artwork). I did the moons and runes, and someone else did the photo­graph and logo. Photos cour­tesy of Mark from the band.

Cloudrat & Moloch

A couple of years ago my friend Steve Larder’s band Moloch did a split LP and tour with Amer­ic­an grind­core band Cloudrat. I found the uned­ited photos the other day, and finally sorted them out. Enjoy.

Here I am

Also I haven’t been updat­ing this blog as much lately, because I’ve just been so busy. I went to Croa­tia, Slov­e­nia and Austria for work and pleas­ure in June, and then came to Cambridge at the start of the month to teach on a resid­en­tial course. My contrac­ted hours were already high, and I’ve been doing a lot of over­time cover­ing for someone who was hospit­al­ised. I’ve worked 160 hours in the last three weeks, so it’s no surprise I’ve had no spare time. I only have one more week left to go however, so expect some photos of Austria and the former Yugoslavia, as well as other things.