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I got this post­card from a super­mar­ket in a small town in NW Germany near where the fest­iv­al is held. I hope it has genu­ine Rammstein tears in the soil sample, or I’ll ask for my €3 back

Normally I work for a schools programme, where I visit schools in Austria and Germany and do vari­ous activ­it­ies in English with the kids. The idea is that they improve their confid­ence and speak­ing skills by doing creat­ive activ­it­ies in English, and doing a drama perform­ance. Often in classes we give them a creat­ive writ­ing or art activ­ity, and they have to give a present­a­tion about their work or ideas at the end of the session.

You often end up visit­ing all kinds of places you would never have seen as a tour­ist. I was expect­ing this area to be very indus­tri­al because of the Kiel Canal and the decom­mis­sioned nucle­ar power plant, but it was actu­ally very pretty, with lots of old houses and cobbled streets.

Anyway, one day my class of twelve year olds had a task to create a fiction­al music fest­iv­al in groups, and then give a present­a­tion about the lineup and why they chose those acts.

We had an intro­duct­ory section of the class, where they discussed some ques­tions in their groups, and then we compared the answers as a whole class.

The ques­tions were:

  1. Have you ever been to a big concert? Who did you see? Was it fun?
  2. What musi­cian would you most like to see in concert? Why?

Around 60-70% of the class answered ques­tion one with:

“I’ve seen one concert. It was Rammstein at Wack­en with my parents. I didn’t like it.”

(One or two had been to see vari­ous Disney stars play in Hamburg, about an hour away)

Nearly all of the fantasy lineups included Ed Sheer­an.

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