2022 calendar

My 2022 calendar is now ready – you can order calendars and prints of the artwork here.

Halloween print

I don’t normally do seasonal stuff, but on a whim today I decided to do a halloween themed thing, make the A4 prints cheaper than usual at ¬£8.50 (uk postage included) and only do 25 of them.

Ugh. Disgusting.

Here’s a rough mock up of something I’ve been working on. It’s not quite how I want it yet. When I was younger I had a book called Nature All Around (I scanned it in this post) and it had a picture of a big orange slug that used to disgust and fascinate me. A few years ago I lived across the road from a fish and chip shop with a poster in the window advertising the “new masala cod”. The photo was a lurid orange, and looked a lot like a less frilly version of what I’ve drawn. If you bought a masala cod late at night and forgot to eat it, I always imagined it would creep along the carpet in the night and smother you like a terrible 70s horror film.

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