Ugh. Disgust­ing.

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big slug

Here’s a rough mock up of some­thing I’ve been work­ing on. It’s not quite how I want it yet. When I was young­er I had a book called Nature All Around (I scanned it in this post) and it had a picture of a big orange slug that used to disgust and fascin­ate me. A few years ago I lived across the road from a fish and chip shop with a poster in the window advert­ising the “new masala cod”. The photo was a lurid orange, and looked a lot like a less frilly version of what I’ve drawn. If you bought a masala cod late at night and forgot to eat it, I always imagined it would creep along the carpet in the night and smoth­er you like a terrible 70s horror film.

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  1. The work above is really pretty cool. The real orange slug is disgust­ing.

    Our last home was a slug sanc­tu­ary and they'd get inside from time to time. My wife had our Boy on slug patrol…

    “Mama. Slug in the cat dish.”


    The same chain reac­tion every time and it was my job to set 'em back outside. If there had been one of those orange jobs in the house…we would have had to call the neigh­bors.

  2. I have a vivid memory of running out into the garden with bare feet when I was a kid and putting my bare foot straight down on an enorm­ous slug.

    When I was a student, one place I lived in had a base­ment kitchen with a nightly slug prob­lem. We ended up with a denfens­ive salt line around the edge of the kitchen because we couldn't figure out where they were getting in. It looked like we were doing some kind of magic ritu­al.

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