Dr Oetker Book of Cakes for Special Occa­sions (1998)

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Anoth­er book from a char­ity shop in Austria. I love how incred­ibly cack-handed some of the cakes are. Most themed cake books are impossibly profes­sion­al, these ones actu­ally look like the result you’d real­ist­ic­ally get.

I didn’t look at all the pages before I bought the book for €2. There was one page I defin­itely didn’t scan that was a “People of the World” cake that was just really ignor­ant and stereo­typ­ic­al (I think you can imagine what it looks like), and espe­cially what the fuck consid­er­ing the book is from the late 90s, not 1971. You never know where pictures you put on the inter­net will end up, so I don’t really want to put a racist cake out there. The other cakes are all fine. That page can sit in the book alone in shame.

For all those times you need a cake themed around Nine Men’s Morris. (Admit­tedly it’s more popu­lar in Germany, and you some­times see floor paint versions in play­grounds for kids to play with stones or leaves)

This is a turtle and lady­bird, in case you couldn’t tell.

The volcano is a chocol­ate bundt cake with pink custard for the lava. The dino­saur is made of marzipan and smarties (or “chocol­ate lentils” as they’re known in German)

Feli­citas is German for Feli­city. It’s both extremely posh and a bit of an 80s name.

This is Germany, so these cook­ies are whole­meal for no real reas­on. This is the coun­try that calls health food shops Reform­häuser. You will go there, you will buy some bran, you will suffer, and you will reform your soul.

Pastry hippo with cherry filling. Or a Nile Horse as it’s called in German.

I love the mains-powered loooong Game Boy

The horse/​Nessie grown hair cake is my favour­ite. Despite the decor­a­tion, it’s not even a carrot cake, rather citrus.

Anoth­er board game cake- this time Ludo themed. Ludo is called “Mensch ärgere Dich nicht” – “Don’t get angry, man” in German.

The title of this cake is Ach-du-Schreck-Torte, which trans­lates along the lines of Yikes! or Jesus! I guess they had given up by this point in the book. Those are rain­bow drops scattered all over it.

Snake made out of Kalter Hund, a German no bake tiffin type cake. You break up the biscuits, and melt Palmin coconut baking fat (a specif­ic German product very much like Australi­an Copha) and chocol­ate, mix with cream and set.

Maypole cake. The decor­a­tions on the top are made of wood­ruff flavoured jelly. I wish wood­ruff were a more common flavour in other coun­tries- it’s a herb simil­ar to mint but sweeter. The German names for jelly are great too- Götter­speise- “food of the gods”, Wack­elpud­ding- “wobbly pudding”, Wack­el­peter- “wobbly Peter”

I like the vampire bunny snuck into the corner.

“East­er chicks in pots”. The seemed to have a mandar­in filling.

Ginger­bread Christ­mas tree.

All decor­ated entirely with Dr Oetker products, they’ll have you know.

This ghost castle is made out of cheese­cake (also made with Dr Oetker mix) believe it or not. You make a chees­cake with a very thin layer of cheese, leave it to set overnight, and then cut it into blocks to build into a castle.

Why not try a real cheese cake for full cognit­ive disson­ance?

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