Space is Ace II

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My friend Mel put on a space-themed night at Power Lunches with some other students from her MA course. I helped out by design­ing the flyer, help­ing with decor­at­ing, and djing in the bar. I had a really good time, but I really don’t have anything nice to say about the beha­viour of the three other St Martin’s students.

The night was really popu­lar though, the place was packed, and every­one seemed to have a good time, which was the import­ant thing.


The bar and down­stairs room got a new look cour­tesy of a lot of tinfoil.


Lovely Ffion putting up her sugar plan­ets.

sugar planets

The spare sugar plan­ets became table decor­a­tions.


Mel’s new space wait­ress look.


It’s nice when guests observe the dresscode prop­erly.

synth 1

Sam and his friend stepped in when one of the acts dropped out at the last minute. They brought some analogue synths along, and dressed up in binbags and tinfoil and impro­vised some space themed songs.

synth 2

My brief for the music was “low key” and “space”. I played a lot of Stere­olab, Kraft­werk, Tortoise, Boards of Canada, Fennesz, Ms John Soda and Toro Y Moi. I was only supposed to do it for 1-2 hours, but ended up doing 6. That took a bit of ingenu­ity, espe­cially since I had to altern­ate one track vinyl, one track cd, with no cuing because of the avail­able equip­ment. Anyway I don’t think I’ve ever got to play Tortoise in a bar before and actu­ally made people happy!

Here’s a Spoti­fy playl­ist of some things I played. There are supposed to be 10 tracks on it, but appar­ently you get differ­ent numbers of tracks appear depend­ing on what coun­try you’re in/​licencing issues.

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