Times Out of Mind

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After finish­ing the Borges project, I real­ised that one of the book covers with a little alter­a­tion and the addi­tion of a cow pars­ley silhou­ette I already had, also worked for anoth­er fiction­al book from a favour­ite novel of mine-the collec­tion of short stor­ies titled “Times Out of Mind” and “Stor­ies from Nowhere” in the two differ­ent timelines of Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones.

“Polly could have sworn the book was called some­thing differ­ent when she first bought it. And surely, hadn’t one of the stor­ies actu­ally been called ‘Fire and Hemlock’ too?”

Features cow pars­ley and the more luxuri­ous type of Obah Cypt.

(Please note that the paper­backs are a photoshop mockup and don’t exist- you can’t buy them anywhere. You can however read Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones instead)

I’ve also put the artwork up for sale as a print- it’s avail­able here along with anoth­er Fire & Hemlock inspired design as prints and stick­ers.


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