Trans­it­ing Berlin

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My final trip of 2021 was to Schönin­gen in Germany. I flew to and from Berlin, but was only really there to sleep on the way in, and a few hours en route to the airport on the way back. I did however finally manage to get a replace­ment phone while I was home, and so the result­ing photos are much sharp­er.


I already hate the new Berlin airport. It feels like an Incep­tion version of an airport. They charge you €5 for water, and when I hung up my back­pack on the brand new hook in the brand new toilets, it fell off the wall because it was only glued on rather than screwed into the wall. Great use of that 10 extra years it took to build it.

Not so sure I fancy Jäger coffee

Extremely mid 90s budget hotel.

I got a free tiny paper­back of Momo from the book swap in the corridor. I already have a hard­back copy, but I couldn’t resist the A6 size. No time is wasted.

It was at this point that I discovered the cheap euro phone char­ger I had bought glows pretty brightly when plugged in. Not ideal in a hotel room.

Hands of glory.

Any time I have cause to go to Alex­an­der­platz I wonder what an 80s East German would make of it now. When I first star­ted going to Berlin in the mid 2000s it was still quite tumble­weedy and aban­doned feel­ing, but now it’s surroun­ded by chain stores and shop­ping centres.

There’s some­thing very Metro­pol­is-like about the temple to consumer­ism that’s the new Berlin Haupt­bahnhof. I doubt there are many Chris­ti­ane Fs hanging around Berlin train stations these days. (Prob­ably for the better)

All your Berlin needs met!

I was really boring and ate at Vapi­ano at the station on the way to Schönin­gen because I was in a hurry and had my suit­case with me, and they have a reli­able vegan menu. Imagine if Ikea ran a pizzer­ia, that’s Vapi­ano. There’s no waiters. You get given a pager to alert you when your food is ready to be collec­ted, and you pay at a till by the door when you leave.

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