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Schöningen is a former mining town in Northern Germany. In the Cold War days it was a border town with East Germany, the last town on the western side. More on that later.

The hotel was decorated with light up globes.

And my extremely 90s hotel room had a nice print of medieval Braunschweig over the bed.

I popped into the town museum, and they were thrilled to see me, the first international visitor in a couple of years. I was sat down in a chair and plied with coffee and snacks, and shown a schools video.

I then got given a personal guided tour, and introduced to the star of the show, the skeleton.

One room was about coal mining, the other about prehistoric stuff. There’s actually a big stone age museum not far away, but I didn’t get time to make it there.

German covid test. Austria uses the same type as the UK where you drip the liquid onto a test strip, this one you fold the card so the strip comes into contact with the swab.

The school gave us these Oktoberfest gift packs with breadboards made by the students in woodwork class.

Nobody has ever shown their appreciation for me before with tinned sausages. (Which I gave to a coworker because I don’t eat meat).

The breadboard came up nice when oiled.

A full spread in the staffroom. You know you’re in the north of Germany when they give you salmiakki as a treat.

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