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Schönin­gen is a former mining town in North­ern Germany. In the Cold War days it was a border town with East Germany, the last town on the west­ern side. More on that later.

The hotel was decor­ated with light up globes.

And my extremely 90s hotel room had a nice print of medi­ev­al Braun­sch­weig over the bed.

I popped into the town museum, and they were thrilled to see me, the first inter­na­tion­al visit­or in a couple of years. I was sat down in a chair and plied with coffee and snacks, and shown a schools video.

I then got given a person­al guided tour, and intro­duced to the star of the show, the skel­et­on.

One room was about coal mining, the other about prehis­tor­ic stuff. There’s actu­ally a big stone age museum not far away, but I didn’t get time to make it there.

German covid test. Austria uses the same type as the UK where you drip the liquid onto a test strip, this one you fold the card so the strip comes into contact with the swab.

The school gave us these Okto­ber­fest gift packs with bread­boards made by the students in wood­work class.

Nobody has ever shown their appre­ci­ation for me before with tinned saus­ages. (Which I gave to a cowork­er because I don’t eat meat).

The bread­board came up nice when oiled.

A full spread in the staff­room. You know you’re in the north of Germany when they give you salmiakki as a treat.

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