Should a word have two mean­ings?

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  1. Academy Fight SongMission of Burma
  2. You’re My Only HomeMagnet­ic Fields
  3. Love is Not LoveCate le Bon
    My three top new albums this year have all been by female solo artists, two of whom are Welsh, Cate le Bon’s Crab Day, Gwenno’s Y Dydd Olaf (the Last Day) and Artan­gels by Grimes. Crab Day is well worth check­ing out, combin­ing influ­ences from spooky 70s folk, Fleet­wood Mac and Devo.
  4. Come on Let’s GoBroad­cast
  5. Man on the MoonR.E.M.
  6. Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth? Minute­men
    The Minute­men have always come across as genu­inely good people who genu­inely loved play­ing togeth­er and actu­ally lived accord­ing to their ethics and treated other people well. The We Jam Econo docu­ment­ary is now free on Youtube.
  7. The Red Tele­phone Love
  8. Inter­state 5Wedding Present 
  9. Dawns Y Blaned Diri­onGwenno (Dance of the Kindly Plan­et)
  10. Golau ArallGwenno (Other Light)
    A Welsh-language elec­tron­ica album based on a dysto­pi­an Welsh book.The lyrics and trans­la­tions are avail­able on the website.
  11. New SeedsBoards of Canada
  12. Come to DustBoards of Canada
    The finest soundtrack to post nucle­ar apoca­lypse there is.
  13. MetroBerlin
    I was read­ing an article on Stereogum from the Weird 90s series (well worth read­ing), where the writer was recall­ing a strange peri­od of the late 90s where swing-reviv­al stuff like the Cherry Popping Daddies was prefer­able to this song.
  14. Invis­ible SunPolice
    I don’t like the Police at all. So when I was listen­ing to a radio show play­ing a retro­spect­ive of George Martin’s work and this came on, I was pleas­antly surprised. A good story I read once about the Police was that at some point in the 80s at a Rolling Stones concert someone announced to Keith Richards that the police were here to see him. So he frantic­ally got rid of all his drugs, and then in walked Sting.
  15. Who Be Lovin Me Santigold feat ILove­Makonnen
    The song could really do with more of Santigold herself, but I think the fact that ILove­Makonnen really can’t sing defin­itely adds some­thing to the woozy sound.
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