Versailles Xpro- Summer of 2005

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I’ve recently scanned around 60 old rolls of film, which I’ll gradu­ally post. These are some photos of the palace of Versailles taken on some extremely expired slide film. At the time I worked in a photo lab, and ended up with a huge bag of all the expired film from the shop for about £20, and also got free devel­op­ment as a perk. Half-melted and degraded Kodak slide film + Olym­pus XA2 camera, cross-processed as C41.

Forbid­den lawns. I used to work at Hamp­ton Court. One of my tasks was yelling at rowdy French school kids, and pelouse and haie (hedge) were vocab words that came up surpris­ingly often. Seeing as haie and est (is) are both basic­ally pronounced “eh”, and et (and) is a slightly differ­ent tenser “eh” it soun­ded pretty inco­her­ent to some of my co-work­ers.

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