Wallern Carnival- home of the Party Tractor

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A lot of small towns in Austria have a Mardi Gras carnival, and they often organise them to be on different days to not clash. This means that if I’m in Austria doing school workshops in February I often see multiple carnivals. Wallern-im-Burgenland is still the most surreal I’ve seen.

When I arrived at the station on the Sunday afternoon I could hear pounding Happy Hardcore coming from somewhere. I checked into the hotel on the same street, and dumped my suitcase to go outside and have an explore. Just as I came out of the hotel, the parade started. These are all of the floats. There were people lining the street though, drinking pre-packaged shots. What else is going to happen in a tiny village on a Sunday afternoon in February? The Roman Emperor gave me some sweets.

Sautanz “Pig Dance” actually means hog roast party around there.

This is where the banging Happy Hardcore was coming from. The Party Tractor.

I think you need to see this video to understand the raw power of the Party Tractor.

They had a confetti canon filled with shredded newspaper.

The local Young Farmers club finished up the parade


Shredded newspaper turned up everywhere for a few days.


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