Were­bitches and devils

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On Friday, my friends Tukru and Louise had their first gig (for Tukru in 10 years) appro­pri­ately on Inter­na­tion­al Women’s Day. The band only formed a couple of weeks ago, so it was a bit nerve-wrack­ing for them, but everything went fine. I tried to take some photos, but it was in the cellar of an old restaurant/​bar, where you could touch the ceil­ing and there were no stage lights, so I didn’t get anything much usable. On to the next one! I don’t know if they’ll come to regret being called Sean Bean Death Scene in time.I also really wanted to see the head­liners, White­dev­il­white­dev­il. Three of the members, Adam and the Boast broth­ers, used to be in a local band called Let Our Enemies Beware who I really liked. They didn’t disap­point. It was immense.Here’s the song I partic­u­larly liked of their set. I also like how the artwork has the lyrics, and the end line of the 2nd song is “Fuck what every­one says. I eat snakes.” This kind of stuff is one of the few pleas­ures of spend­ing time in Medway. I suppose the pure unre­lent­ing grim­ness of the places produces intens­ity.

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  1. we might regret it one day. it was only a tempor­ary name but i think we're stuck with it now GODDAMNIT.

    can you think of anything other than sean bean that rhymes with death scene?

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