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Fanzine Ynftyn 14- jo, freilich, die gnädige Frau Magister Emma ist nach Österreich gekommen

yf 14 1

I used to go to Austria quite a lot to run workshops in schools, travelling from school to school each week. I started writing this zine after my first trip to Vienna in 2010, didn’t finish it, and then finished it off a couple of years later. I made a few copies at the time, but then mislaid the pages again when moving house, so barely anyone has read it. I recently found them again, and scanned them, so people can order it now!

I’m working on a second zine about rural Austria and travelling up and down the Alps by train.

yf 14 3 

* Schiele & Hundertwasser
* Schokobananas & Schnitzels
* All the dumplings you can eat
* €2 black and white photo booths

You can get it from the shop on my website. £1 + postage. You can order a few zines for the same postage. I also have some reduced prints for £3.50 + postage. Once those are gone, they’re gone.

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