Saturday crafternoon of a January



Tukru came round and brought me some birthday presents (shrinky-dinks, sweets, and patches) and we had a crafternoon. She typed up zine bits on my typewriter, which has much smaller type than hers, but tends to get a jammed up ribbon, and I stuck some pictures from my mountain of magazine cutouts into scrapbooks, and we listened to Nirvana and Neutral Milk Hotel and the Beatles and David Bowie and Simon and Garfunkel. We ate some tofu stirfry, and the aldi version of Ben & Jerry’s which is exactly like normal icecream, and laughed at BRIAN BLESSED’s attempt at a Greek accent in My Family and Other Animals (sedate fun)

Mucky pup

Typewriter ribbon mess.

Tukru Typing

Tap, tap tap.

C'est moi

C’est moi. Avec un dip. Old knackered compact digital doesn’t focus so well any more.

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