A gener­al update

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Here’s an instru­ment­al album from the early 80s I’ve been enjoy­ing a lot lately.

I haven’t posted much this month because I was ill- not ill enough to need medic­al atten­tion or be bedrid­den, but not ill enough to do anything much either. Was it the virus, or not? I have no idea because of course I wasn’t able to get tested, but the symp­toms fitted, and the people in the flat next to and below me were equally ill with the same symp­toms, and I live in one of the most affected parts of the UK. I also felt tired and grey for a long time after recov­er­ing- simil­ar to after having glandu­lar fever and shingles (not helped by doing some­thing pain­ful to my shoulder in the mean­time). So it seems likely.

Tech­nic­ally I’ve been recovered for two weeks, but I’ve only really got energy back in the last few days. I’m basic­ally unem­ployed and my whole industry doesn’t even exist right now or even for the remainder of the year, so I have lots of time but very little money (you know things are seri­ous when the UK Job Centre happily pays you unem­ploy­ment money without quib­bling or putting Kafkaesque bureau­cracy in your way), but any hopes of being some kind of Super Productiv­ity Machine were never likely. The smug­ness and total incom­pet­ence of the Brit­ish govern­ment contin­ues to infuri­ate, albeit with relief that I didn’t happen to be from the USA or Brazil who have it even worse with their lead­ers.

While at home I’ve been making a patch­work quilt- the tradi­tion­al hand­sewn way with paper hexagons and fabric remnants/​fabric from unwear­able clothes. I star­ted it a few years back and put it away- you can see the details of the vari­ous fabrics here.

The stripy beast was first of all over­joyed that I was home all the time, then quite annoyed, but I have been forgiv­en for my sins now. He’s now a soph­ist­ic­ated grownup of two.

The good thing about living on a penin­sula at the edge of the coun­try is that it’s fairly easy to get exer­cise and fresh air without coming into contact with anyone. It’s strange to live in a tour­ist town when the weath­er is good and there’s no tour­ists there. After nearly 2 weeks indoors under quar­ant­ine I was glad to get some exer­cise. (Although I don’t really mind the weath­er turn­ing grey and wet this week as it means you don’t mind stay­ing home).

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