A gener­al update

I haven’t posted much this month because I was ill- not ill enough to need medic­al atten­tion or be bedrid­den, but not ill enough to do anything much either. Was it the virus, or not? I have no idea because of course I wasn’t able to get tested, but the symp­toms fitted, and the people in the flat next to and below me were equally ill with the same symp­toms, and I live in one of the most affected parts of the UK. I also felt tired and grey for a long time after recov­er­ing- simil­ar to after having glandu­lar fever and shingles (not helped by doing some­thing pain­ful to my shoulder in the mean­time). So it seems likely.

Fanzine Ynfytyn 23.5

I have two new zines avail­able this month. This is a mini zine I made for the 24 hour zine project, which runs every July. You have to write and layout 24 pages with­in 24 hours. No pre-prepar­a­tion is allowed. It’s a fun chal­lenge. Avail­able from my shop for £1 (includ­ing UK post­age).

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Patch­work quilt- a work in progress

For the past six months I have been hand-sewing a new patch­work quilt for my bed to replace the worn out one my nan made for me when I was a teen­ager. I’m still no-where near finished, but I’ve done the bulk of the work. These photos are from my Instagram account over the past few months, so they’re not as sharp as if I’d taken DSLR photos of the work.

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