Cake Explod­ing

I had a dream that Cake Explod­ing was a popu­lar hobby, with world cham­pi­on­ships and dedic­ated YouTube chan­nels. Here’s the comic version. Avail­able from the shop for £1.75

Cadbury’s Novelty Cook­book

I got this late 70s/​early 80s book from a char­ity shop a while ago. A lot of famil­ies in the UK had it when I was a kid I think. I got it out because I prom­ised to make my friend a really ludicrous birth­day cake from inside. The recipes are fine, vari­ous flavoured sponge cakes with butter­cream icing (albeit with gratu­it­ous Cadbury’s product place­ment in every recipe). It’s the choice of cake themes in the book that’s a bit odd …

Cake mistakes

These are a couple of photos from the end of a roll that I forgot to scan. Me & Marcos went down to Brighton for the day in March, and it rained torren­tially, so we basic­ally went from cafe to pub to restaur­ant. We went to meet up with my friend Vicky first at the Mock Turtle, a tea room down by the seafront that looks like a grandmother’s dining room. I’ve been there lots of times, and their food and drink is nice and reas­on­ably priced. Vicky was running late, so I decided to get a cake for her as a surprise. I saw they had added a rain­bow cake to the menu, and she loves that kind of thing, and I was curi­ous about what it looked like.

¿Donde esta?

When we were in Mallorca, every­one did their best to ensure that we were stuffed at all times. The big curly pastry is an ensaimada, a Mallor­can speci­al­ity.

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