Even if I set out to make a film about a fillet of sole, it would be about me.

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Last night Marcos’ parents took us out, it ended up being weirdly decad­ent.


We went for a drink at this place. At 11.30 on Fridays they shower you with rose petals from a balcony. The whole place is decor­ated like some kind of baroque stage set from a Fellini film. In fact the whole place is like a Fellini film. They don’t allow camer­as inside, but I took some photos on Marcos’ phone. Instagram photos look amaz­ing on the screen of the iphone 3, but they don’t always look so wonder­ful on the computer.



Senor Byrona

Senor Byrona poses on the mantlepiece of the draw­ing room.


They used to have free-flying doves at this place too appar­ently.

We went for some food at a popu­lar local restaur­ant (the website has awful music-you’re warned). The food was amaz­ing- I had the gorgonzola and pear ravi­oli and we shared some tapas. Next to us was a really creepy guy. We kept over­hear­ing his conver­sa­tion because he had such a loud obnox­ious voice. It soon became clear that his date was from an escort agency, and he kept compar­ing her to a previ­ous girl from the same company saying stuff like “we had a real connec­tion, not what you expect from these things” to which his date replied “oh she told me” and he kind of acted like he was trying to intim­id­ate her into making sure he had a really, really *good* time. I don’t know how to explain what a total creep this guy was, but he just was. Once I saw a clas­si­fied advert asking for an attract­ive female house­mate who could live in the flat for free in return for house­work and spank­ing sessions. The advert­iser described himself as “extremely afflu­ent, with a rugby play­er physique and an interest in yachts”. My mental image of the advert guy pretty much fitted exactly how the restaur­ant creep was.

Then we went back to the bar to see the rose petal shower (with Halle­lu­jah music at the same time …)

Abaco rose petals

Man of Mystery

Pure Fellini. They served us drinks in glasses big as fish bowls. I was stuffed with deli­cious rich food and the drinks defeated me.

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