¿Donde esta?

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When we were in Mallorca, everyone did their best to ensure that we were stuffed at all times. The big curly pastry is an ensaimada, a Mallorcan speciality.


After a point you need some indigestion relief. I’ve pretty much started calling all indigestion remedies Brian Enos now.

cake 1

We got some Barbapapa and Pink Panther cakes …

cake 2

Here presented by Señor M. Perona Guinart, professional cake eater.
Those cakes were foul.

depressing hotel

We passed by this incredibly depressing hotel when we were driving along the coast road that passes through Magaluf. Looks like they borrowed the design off the Soviets. (Magaluf is the Spanish equivalent of Acapulco for you North Americans).

car park

I liked the colour and texture of the floor of this car park.


Here’s me boy.

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