¿Donde esta?

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When we were in Mallorca, every­one did their best to ensure that we were stuffed at all times. The big curly pastry is an ensaimada, a Mallor­can speci­al­ity.


After a point you need some indi­ges­tion relief. I’ve pretty much star­ted call­ing all indi­ges­tion remed­ies Brian Enos now.

cake 1

We got some Barbapapa and Pink Panther cakes …

cake 2

Here presen­ted by Señor M. Perona Guin­art, profes­sion­al cake eater.
Those cakes were foul.

depressing hotel

We passed by this incred­ibly depress­ing hotel when we were driv­ing along the coast road that passes through Magaluf. Looks like they borrowed the design off the Sovi­ets. (Magaluf is the Span­ish equi­val­ent of Acap­ulco for you North Amer­ic­ans).

car park

I liked the colour and texture of the floor of this car park.


Here’s me boy.

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