Palma de Mallorca in mono­chrome

Here’s some black and white photos I took in Palma de Mallorca in the summer, and developed the other day. There’s no real reas­on for me to return there. I had one lovely trip there, and one horrible one, so that balances out. I can’t say much for the qual­ity of the company, but Mallorca is a beau­ti­ful place (minus Magaluf of course). I took these on Ilford HP5 with my Pentax ME Super (my favour­ite camera). I also had a roll of 50s style Efke film, but some­thing happened to it, either mois­ture or humid­ity. When I opened it in the dark bag and tried to load it onto the reel, the cart­ridge was all full of goo, and the emul­sion came off in a big clammy mess onto my hands. The film was unload­able, and unres­cu­able, so I’ll never know what was on it.

¿Donde esta?

When we were in Mallorca, every­one did their best to ensure that we were stuffed at all times. The big curly pastry is an ensaimada, a Mallor­can speci­al­ity.

Even if I set out to make a film about a fillet of sole, it would be about me.

We went for a drink at this place. At 11.30 on Fridays they shower you with rose petals from a balcony. The whole place is decor­ated like some kind of baroque stage set from a Fellini film. In fact the whole place is like a Fellini film. They don’t allow camer­as inside, but I took some photos on Marcos’ phone. Instagram photos look amaz­ing on the screen of the iphone 3, but they don’t always look so wonder­ful on the computer.