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I have barely updated this blog since the summer because I’ve been both very busy and rarely home. I spent most of Septem­ber in Australia (a last minute trip off the back of bargain base­ment flights), with stop-offs in Singa­pore and the Emir­ates, visited friends in Notting­ham almost as soon as I’d come back and recovered from jetlag, stepped up gig promot­ing in Margate and am in the midst of arran­ging to move house (while also trying to make sure I meet all my dead­lines in the day job). I took a lot of photos in Australia, and also some field record­ings of city and wild­life sounds that I plan to use in anim­a­tion, but I haven’t had time or energy to organ­ise or post-process them. Right now I’m work­ing on a new website for the gigs I put on locally, and that takes prior­ity.

My work computer also died, luck­ily when I actu­ally had the money to replace it. It feels luxuri­ous to go back to a desktop Mac after five years of having so many cables going into a Macbook. On moving my files across I also discovered a load of folders of forgot­ten photos which are still worth edit­ing. I also replaced my ailing scan­ner, so can once again scan film. I have a whole folder full of unscanned negs, and a fair few undeveloped films in my fridge, so expect a lot of photos in the next few months.

My work­space may look clean, because I can’t concen­trate with a messy or dirty desk, but I feel over­whelmed by chaos in the rest of my tiny flat right now. I’m currently wait­ing to move, and have my work­space shoved in a corner of the living room next to a Riso machine and the laun­dry drying rack, and a load of music stuff filling the bedroom, and it feels like I’m swamped by stuff. The new place is much, much bigger and I don’t have to have the studio/​office stuff crammed into the bedroom or living room, which will certainly be a luxury. I have a lot of projects that have been on the back­burn­er until I have more space to work on them.

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