Hidden Sydney

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When I was in Sydney I met up with my friend Vanessa Berry, who writes Mirror Sydney (in both blog and book form), covering interesting and weird stuff she finds in backstreets of the city. It’s especially important to document these things in a place like Sydney that is in the middle of a building and demolition boom. We got some lunch and she showed me some favourite places of hers in the Darlinghurst/Surry Hills area (and gave me this excellent vintage sticker). I’ve also written about this in more detail in the zine I wrote about the trip.

I thought these tree failure signs were part of an art project. Turns out they are real council signs, and it’s just the Fear Everything sticker that is. Total loser tree, amiright?

Even if it’s full of big strong winner trees, Sydney’s Hyde Park looks completely different to its UK namesake.

You’re probably not going to see those drinks prices again- £1=$2. Alcohol is both expensive and strictly regulated in NSW (although you can install slot machines pretty freely)

Street art project that was painted in an alley where the bins go. Bin repetitions. Sydney doesn’t really have the laneways full of cafes and interesting little shops of Melbourne. The alleys are all business here.

Abandon hope, all ye who enter. (Over a doorway around the National School of Art)

Cafe Hernandez: One of Vanessa’s favourite cafes- an all-night place that’s always been there, almost unchanged, with sometimes erratic opening hours, cranky owners who may or may not let you play the piano, and a beautiful mural.

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