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When I was in Sydney I met up with my friend Vanessa Berry, who writes Mirror Sydney (in both blog and book form), cover­ing inter­est­ing and weird stuff she finds in back­streets of the city. It’s espe­cially import­ant to docu­ment these things in a place like Sydney that is in the middle of a build­ing and demoli­tion boom. We got some lunch and she showed me some favour­ite places of hers in the Darlinghurst/​Surry Hills area (and gave me this excel­lent vintage stick­er). I’ve also writ­ten about this in more detail in the zine I wrote about the trip.

I thought these tree fail­ure signs were part of an art project. Turns out they are real coun­cil signs, and it’s just the Fear Everything stick­er that is. Total loser tree, amiright?

Even if it’s full of big strong winner trees, Sydney’s Hyde Park looks completely differ­ent to its UK name­sake.

You’re prob­ably not going to see those drinks prices again- £1=$2. Alco­hol is both expens­ive and strictly regu­lated in NSW (although you can install slot machines pretty freely)

Street art project that was painted in an alley where the bins go. Bin repe­ti­tions. Sydney doesn’t really have the lane­ways full of cafes and inter­est­ing little shops of Melbourne. The alleys are all busi­ness here.

Aban­don hope, all ye who enter. (Over a door­way around the Nation­al School of Art)

Cafe Hernan­dez: One of Vanessa’s favour­ite cafes- an all-night place that’s always been there, almost unchanged, with some­times errat­ic open­ing hours, cranky owners who may or may not let you play the piano, and a beau­ti­ful mural.

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