Puffin Annu­al One (1974)

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I have all three volumes of this (the other two to follow). Whenev­er people see one of them in char­ity shops, they ask me if I already have it. It must be some­thing that’s connec­ted in people’s minds with me. This edition has a behind the scenes of Captain Pugwash, extracts from Tove Jans­son, Jill Patton-Walsh, an article about CS Lewis, and inter­views with vari­ous differ­ent authors.

Sorry the scans of the next few pages are slightly wonky- they were at the centre of the book, and the bind­ing isn’t 100%, so I wasn’t keen on acci­dent­ally losing a few pages because I pressed the spine down too much to get them flat.

This is an extract from The Summer Book, which I highly recom­mend.

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