I found the fragrance separ­ate from the flower

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Today’s song is Black Cat, by Broad­cast, from Tender Buttons, one of my all-time favour­ite albums (I was torn between choos­ing this or I Found the F). I really wish I had seen Broad­cast more times than I did. There seemed no hurry. They were a Brit­ish band, who played regu­larly, and you don’t expect young healthy people like Trish Keen­an to suddenly die. (She caught swine flu while on tour in a major outbreak and died of pneu­mo­nia).

Broad­cast are often tied in with Stere­olab, for their vintage synth sounds and clear, calm female vocal­ists. But where­as Stere­olab look to mid-century France and Italy, Broad­cast were more like Boards of Canada, look­ing at Brit­ish 70s public inform­a­tion films, 60/​70s horror films and auto­mat­ic writ­ing, fore­shad­ow­ing the whole Haunto­logy thing and Scar­folk.

Here is Donald Pleasence to scare you away from water for life. (I was merci­ful and didn’t give you the one about avoid­ing drown­ing in liquid farm slurry).

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