Solar on the rise, solar on the keel

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I’ve been at home sick this week­end, and taken the chance to do some boring chores like re-organ­ising folders on the computer, which means I’ve uncovered vari­ous folders of old photos I never posted.

These are from the recre­ation ground next door to where I used to live in Seven Sisters.   I lived in a prop­erty guard­i­an­ship in a decom­mis­sioned old people’s home that was extremely cheap for London (£350 a month), but was extremely insti­tu­tion­al, and in many ways a very bizarre place to live (not helped by the agency’s will­ing­ness to fill rooms with whoever was first to pay up). One day I’m going to write a zine about the insti­tu­tion­al toilets, haunted wall­pa­per, persist­ent old people smell and Jorg the possible German seri­al killer/​wannabe but inept handy­man. There’s too much to fit into this post and I don’t even know where to start.

The park wasn’t partic­u­larly attract­ive, and was usually full of teen­age boys. I’d usually walk a few miles over to Fins­bury Park if I wanted to sit out. It also had a tend­ency to flood. Which is how I ended up with these reflect­ive puddle photos on a walk over to the medic­al centre on the other side of the park.

I think the old people’s home has been demol­ished now.

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