I spent the summer wast­ing

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(Scott l, Matt r)

Yester­day I went round Scott’s to play Scrabble with him & Matt. At the begin­ning of the game I got loads of good letters and managed words like exude. At the end I had noth­ing but Os and Is and resor­ted to crappy words like nut. We ate a lot of chili crisps. Scott won the Scrabble.


(I managed to knock the prescrip­tion adjust­ment thingy on the eyepiece of my DSLR, giving all my photos from the after­noon a weird half-focused look, and render­ing most of them totally unus­able)

Then we played Trivi­al Pursuit. I’m shit at the sports ques­tions, good at geography ones. Matt had to go home, but luck­ily Michael arrived home from work and took over his piece. The set is from the 80s, so all the enter­tain­ment ques­tions are amus­ingly 80s focused. I did learn that the first epis­ode of Dynasty lasted 3 hours. We all paused for a minute to let the horror of watch­ing that sink in.

Trivial Pursuit
(results of cheap fisheye convert­er + unfocus­ing the eye-piece=surreal)
I’m blue. S green, M yellow. I think Mike won.

Then we watched Univer­sity Chal­lenge (it makes you feel ever so intel­li­gent when you know the answers), bits of an incred­ibly depress­ing docu­ment­ary about teen­age marriages, some of a laugh­ably awful show­choir talent show (the boys liked it because some girls did a kitschy pillow-fight dance while singing very badly) and an epis­ode of Some Moth­ers Do “Ave “Em and ate curry. A good way to spend my time. Ooh Betty.

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