I spent the summer wasting

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(Scott l, Matt r)

Yesterday I went round Scott’s to play Scrabble with him & Matt. At the beginning of the game I got loads of good letters and managed words like exude. At the end I had nothing but Os and Is and resorted to crappy words like nut. We ate a lot of chili crisps. Scott won the Scrabble.


(I managed to knock the prescription adjustment thingy on the eyepiece of my DSLR, giving all my photos from the afternoon a weird half-focused look, and rendering most of them totally unusable)

Then we played Trivial Pursuit. I’m shit at the sports questions, good at geography ones. Matt had to go home, but luckily Michael arrived home from work and took over his piece. The set is from the 80s, so all the entertainment questions are amusingly 80s focused. I did learn that the first episode of Dynasty lasted 3 hours. We all paused for a minute to let the horror of watching that sink in.

Trivial Pursuit
(results of cheap fisheye converter + unfocusing the eye-piece=surreal)
I’m blue. S green, M yellow. I think Mike won.

Then we watched University Challenge (it makes you feel ever so intelligent when you know the answers), bits of an incredibly depressing documentary about teenage marriages, some of a laughably awful showchoir talent show (the boys liked it because some girls did a kitschy pillow-fight dance while singing very badly) and an episode of Some Mothers Do “Ave “Em and ate curry. A good way to spend my time. Ooh Betty.

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