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I’m spending the summer with my mum in my dead end hometown inbetween a spate of working in Austria, before I return to Brighton the end of September. None of the furniture is mine, but the wall colour is the same as when I painted it about 10 years ago. The rest of my stuff, particularly my mountain of records, dvds and books is packed up in a storage unit in Brighton for my return.


Here’s a crappy fisheye view, slightly blurry because I haven’t got a suitable adaptor ring to attach my fisheye convertor to this lens.


Here’s the bed and chest of drawers. My nan made the bedspread.


End of the bed- the big chrome lamp is mine.

Stuff on the windowsill:


DAB radio for listening to 6 Music (I’m so glad they aren’t closing it down). Chocolate biscuits for eating.


Some cameras. I actually have a lot more than this.


Some Blythes. All in need of a hairwash.


Close-up of the patchwork quilt. It’s made out of vintage bedsheets. This isn’t because my nan is cool, it’s because she hangs onto things forever. Luckily she asked me what colours I liked before making the quilt.


At the end of the bed, a small table to put the laptop on when I’m not using it/just using it for music + guitar + amp.


My battered laptop I bought in 2004. It’s strange to have to rely on the radio/spotify/my ipod for music. I’m so used to being surrounded by records.


Guitar. The altoids tin is full of plectrums. Jim Dunlop tortex ones only. Purple of course (I also like green and blue in case you haven’t noticed)


The ugly knitting corner. Both these things were actually brought back accidentally. The cushion was a knitting project that went wrong, so it became an ugly but comfortable cushion. When I bought the thing on the back of the chair I thought it was a blanket. It turns out to be a button up poncho with a collar. Still good for snuggling in.


Bookcase with a few odds and ends on. There are 7 boxes full of books back in Brighton, and that’s *after* I had a purge. There are worse bad habits to have though.


On top, a recycled m&s cake box filled with a few back issues of my zines, in case anyone orders some. Lamp from Habitat.


Basket containing jumper I’ve been knitting since forever. I should crack on with it really. I’ve done one sleeve and the back.


Some bits of stationery and a couple of dvds. I borrowed the Heroes boxsets, never got round to watching them, and should really give them back.


A very strange assortment of books. The pattern for the jumper comes from the Stitch in Time book.
Bottom shelf- bag of junk and my small accordion. I’ve got a big one too, that’s much better, but it’s packed away.


Small accordion. I bought it from a bloke on the street round the back of Keletty train station in Budapest when I was studying there, as I felt a bit bereft of musical instruments. It smells a bit funny. The bellows are covered in the same flowery fabric.


Doors of the wardrobe. The dressing gown is one of the best £2s I’ve ever spent. It’s got a design of white peacocks. I stuck a few pictures, chosen at a whim really, on the other door to cheer it up a bit.


Article about Twin Peaks I tore out of Nylon. The way everyone has pink lips in the illustration is suitably creepy.


Picture of Brighton Pier I took with a box camera


A couple of postcards- birds & Nara


Animal Collective promo


Deerhunter & Sonic Youth promos


Me mam’s llama rug. She’s got quite a few of these about the house.


Some bags hanging on the back of the door.


Chest of drawers. I’m not a fan of the pine. The Beatles lunchbox is full of jewellery and so on.


Like so. Yes, all my jewellery is cheap plastic rubbish, I know.


Here’s me.

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  1. It was nice of her to make it, but it's a rare example of her making something nice. Excellent craft skills + poor eye for colour/design does not often end i good results.

    Before her eyesight went she was addicted to crafts, and was constantly producing things and fobbing them off on the first relative she saw. Literally everyone in my family has about 7 of these beige cushions with puffy kittens/puffy beige landscapes on that she did. She used to have a box of awful jumpers she'd made on a whim, and she'd try to dig you out one that vaguely fitted every time you visited.

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