ITV idents

itv logo cyanotype flag

Photos: Theo Deproost

I did the artwork for this quite a while ago, but had to keep it under wraps until it was on TV. My friend Melanie King was commis­sioned by ITV (one of the big tv chan­nels in the UK) to create a ident as part of an artist resid­ency programme. The theme was science and astro­nomy, and I was asked to draw the logo made out of Solar Orbit­er parts that would be projec­ted onto cyan­o­type mater­i­als and developed in UV light in the films. You can see the vari­ous finished idents on this site  (they don’t seem to allow embed­ding).

Here’s how the artwork looked for the negat­ive- the origin­al image however was 2m long. It’s a mix of hand-drawn ink, Illus­trat­or and Photoshop textures. I drew it at A3 size by hand, scanned it, used Illus­trat­or to turn it into a vector and resize, and then added the crosshatch­ing in Photoshop at the finished image size.

itv logo cyanotpye mockup

Here’s the Photoshop mockup I made for the produc­tion crew of how they could expect the finished cyan­o­types to look.

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