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Lübeck is an old Hanseat­ic merchant’s town on the Balt­ic coast of Germany, that’s also famous for its marzipan. Although it’s not a very big place, it still has quite a cosmo­pol­it­an spir­it. The kids at the school I was visit­ing came from lots of differ­ent coun­tries.

If there’s one thing that’s a constant in my travels for work, it’s 7am airport Itsu sushi plat­ters in an attempt get some­thing vaguely healthy into me at Stansted airport. (Dramat­ic­ally helped by the recent re-open­ing of a branch of Leon).

I was in Berlin for about ten minutes, and had to run to get on this decrep­it old train with John Carpenter light­ing. If I had been going via Hamburg it would have been a much nicer train, but you don’t get much choice on Sundays in Germany.

This poppy seed butter­streusel thing I hurriedly grabbed at the station from Kamps, the German equi­val­ent of Greggs was so good, but they don’t sell them at most of their branches. Seems to be region­al only.

I don’t even pretend to under­stand this. It was a tiny station and these were the only plat­forms.

I got this huge room at the hotel that was decor­ated like some kind of Chan­ging Rooms attempt at a teen­age boy’s lair, with very dim light­ing. Ready to play 12 hours of Call of Duty? No mini fridge full of comped Monster Energy, but there was a microwave, which didn’t really do me much good, because there is noth­ing microwave­able for sale in Germany. Weirdly nobody else’s room was decor­ated like this, theirs just looked like stand­ard hotel rooms.

The view however was a bit more scen­ic. That double spire in the distance is the cathed­ral in the old town.

No poppy seed vari­ation in Lübeck. Disgruntled.

You can get healthy with some gloopy syrup however.

I’m sad that Fritz Kola no longer seem to be selling my favour­ite coffee vari­ation of their cola. I think this was the last time I had it. (It’s the one with the brown label)

You know you’re in the Balt­ic part of Germany when the super­mar­ket is stuffed full of salmiakki products (liquorice with ammo­nia salts- only really popu­lar in the Nord­ic coun­tries and Balt­ic Germany). I love the stuff, and these are my favour­ites- Heksehyl/​Noitapilli/​Witches’ Straws. Salmiakki cream rock with super sour powder on the outside.

They also like lots of vari­ations on the Jaffa Cake theme.

Why not put some liquorice in your Oreos too?

The gate of the Old Town.

The main square with the Merchant’s Hall.

Droger­ie Markt does some excel­lent knock­offs of Dr Hausch­ka and Weleda products for €2-3 each. I always take my chance to stock up.

Hamburg Cent­ral.

Berlin Cent­ral

Hans im Glück- weird birch forest themed burger chain named after a fairy tale you now find in major German train stations.

Gifts from the school, plus a souven­ir edition of Thomas Mann’s Budden­brooks.

I tested negat­ive for covid the whole time I was in Germany, but then the day after I returned had this weird result. The follow­ing day I got very sick and had a much clear­er red line. At least I was at home. One of my cowork­ers also caught it, but was still in Germany, and had to quar­ant­ine in a budget hotel room.

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