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Lübeck is an old Hanseatic merchant’s town on the Baltic coast of Germany, that’s also famous for its marzipan. Although it’s not a very big place, it still has quite a cosmopolitan spirit. The kids at the school I was visiting came from lots of different countries.

If there’s one thing that’s a constant in my travels for work, it’s 7am airport Itsu sushi platters in an attempt get something vaguely healthy into me at Stansted airport. (Dramatically helped by the recent re-opening of a branch of Leon).

I was in Berlin for about ten minutes, and had to run to get on this decrepit old train with John Carpenter lighting. If I had been going via Hamburg it would have been a much nicer train, but you don’t get much choice on Sundays in Germany.

This poppy seed butterstreusel thing I hurriedly grabbed at the station from Kamps, the German equivalent of Greggs was so good, but they don’t sell them at most of their branches. Seems to be regional only.

I don’t even pretend to understand this. It was a tiny station and these were the only platforms.

I got this huge room at the hotel that was decorated like some kind of Changing Rooms attempt at a teenage boy’s lair, with very dim lighting. Ready to play 12 hours of Call of Duty? No mini fridge full of comped Monster Energy, but there was a microwave, which didn’t really do me much good, because there is nothing microwaveable for sale in Germany. Weirdly nobody else’s room was decorated like this, theirs just looked like standard hotel rooms.

The view however was a bit more scenic. That double spire in the distance is the cathedral in the old town.

No poppy seed variation in Lübeck. Disgruntled.

You can get healthy with some gloopy syrup however.

I’m sad that Fritz Kola no longer seem to be selling my favourite coffee variation of their cola. I think this was the last time I had it. (It’s the one with the brown label)

You know you’re in the Baltic part of Germany when the supermarket is stuffed full of salmiakki products (liquorice with ammonia salts- only really popular in the Nordic countries and Baltic Germany). I love the stuff, and these are my favourites- Heksehyl/Noitapilli/Witches’ Straws. Salmiakki cream rock with super sour powder on the outside.

They also like lots of variations on the Jaffa Cake theme.

Why not put some liquorice in your Oreos too?

The gate of the Old Town.

The main square with the Merchant’s Hall.

Drogerie Markt does some excellent knockoffs of Dr Hauschka and Weleda products for €2-3 each. I always take my chance to stock up.

Hamburg Central.

Berlin Central

Hans im Glück- weird birch forest themed burger chain named after a fairy tale you now find in major German train stations.

Gifts from the school, plus a souvenir edition of Thomas Mann’s Buddenbrooks.

I tested negative for covid the whole time I was in Germany, but then the day after I returned had this weird result. The following day I got very sick and had a much clearer red line. At least I was at home. One of my coworkers also caught it, but was still in Germany, and had to quarantine in a budget hotel room.

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