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I have spent the past few days rearranging and cleaning my office. The old layout just didn’t work. I spend a lot of time here working, so it was time to change things round. The vintage wooden desk used to be under the window, with the shelving unit between the two desks. I found the shelf would become a dumping ground and that I wasn’t getting full use out of the second desk. It’s nice to have the white desk reserved for computer tasks, and the brown desk for more hands on things. I also have three printers- an A3 art printer, a laser printer and a shipping label printer, as well as a scanner, so it’s nice to have some room to spread them out.

In the previous location I didn’t have space to spread the table leaves out. Now there’s space to put aside things like the guillotine or graphics tablet, which get frequent enough use to not be worth putting away, but are also annoying to leave in the centre of the desk. The wall decorations are a mix of my own photos and poster designs, and things people have sent me- like Giz’s falafel map of Marseille.

Assorted pens and scissors and things. Ironically I guess I actually do a lot of the colour in my artwork digitally. The desk bin for paper scraps came from eBay. I ordered a plain one, and they sent me one with a weird pig saying “tomorrow is waiting for your smile”. It’s actually a little broken now, but I like it so much I don’t care.

Computer and scanner, with packs of the vintage slides I’ve been scanning lately.




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