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I have spent the past few days rearran­ging and clean­ing my office. The old layout just didn’t work. I spend a lot of time here work­ing, so it was time to change things round. The vintage wooden desk used to be under the window, with the shelving unit between the two desks. I found the shelf would become a dump­ing ground and that I wasn’t getting full use out of the second desk. It’s nice to have the white desk reserved for computer tasks, and the brown desk for more hands on things. I also have three print­ers- an A3 art print­er, a laser print­er and a ship­ping label print­er, as well as a scan­ner, so it’s nice to have some room to spread them out.

In the previ­ous loca­tion I didn’t have space to spread the table leaves out. Now there’s space to put aside things like the guil­lot­ine or graph­ics tablet, which get frequent enough use to not be worth putting away, but are also annoy­ing to leave in the centre of the desk. The wall decor­a­tions are a mix of my own photos and poster designs, and things people have sent me- like Giz’s falafel map of Marseille.

Assor­ted pens and scis­sors and things. Iron­ic­ally I guess I actu­ally do a lot of the colour in my artwork digit­ally. The desk bin for paper scraps came from eBay. I ordered a plain one, and they sent me one with a weird pig saying “tomor­row is wait­ing for your smile”. It’s actu­ally a little broken now, but I like it so much I don’t care.

Computer and scan­ner, with packs of the vintage slides I’ve been scan­ning lately.




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