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I’m spend­ing the summer with my mum in my dead end homet­own inbetween a spate of work­ing in Austria, before I return to Brighton the end of Septem­ber. None of the furniture is mine, but the wall colour is the same as when I painted it about 10 years ago. The rest of my stuff, partic­u­larly my moun­tain of records, dvds and books is packed up in a stor­age unit in Brighton for my return.


Here’s a crappy fisheye view, slightly blurry because I haven’t got a suit­able adaptor ring to attach my fisheye conver­tor to this lens.


Here’s the bed and chest of draw­ers. My nan made the bedspread.


End of the bed- the big chrome lamp is mine.

Stuff on the windowsill:


DAB radio for listen­ing to 6 Music (I’m so glad they aren’t clos­ing it down). Chocol­ate biscuits for eating.


Some camer­as. I actu­ally have a lot more than this.


Some Blythes. All in need of a hair­wash.


Close-up of the patch­work quilt. It’s made out of vintage bedsheets. This isn’t because my nan is cool, it’s because she hangs onto things forever. Luck­ily she asked me what colours I liked before making the quilt.


At the end of the bed, a small table to put the laptop on when I’m not using it/​just using it for music + guitar + amp.


My battered laptop I bought in 2004. It’s strange to have to rely on the radio/​spotify/​my ipod for music. I’m so used to being surroun­ded by records.


Guitar. The altoids tin is full of plec­trums. Jim Dunlop tortex ones only. Purple of course (I also like green and blue in case you haven’t noticed)


The ugly knit­ting corner. Both these things were actu­ally brought back acci­dent­ally. The cush­ion was a knit­ting project that went wrong, so it became an ugly but comfort­able cush­ion. When I bought the thing on the back of the chair I thought it was a blanket. It turns out to be a button up poncho with a collar. Still good for snug­gling in.


Book­case with a few odds and ends on. There are 7 boxes full of books back in Brighton, and that’s *after* I had a purge. There are worse bad habits to have though.


On top, a recycled m&s cake box filled with a few back issues of my zines, in case anyone orders some. Lamp from Habit­at.


Basket contain­ing jump­er I’ve been knit­ting since forever. I should crack on with it really. I’ve done one sleeve and the back.


Some bits of station­ery and a couple of dvds. I borrowed the Heroes boxsets, never got round to watch­ing them, and should really give them back.


A very strange assort­ment of books. The pattern for the jump­er comes from the Stitch in Time book.
Bottom shelf- bag of junk and my small accor­di­on. I’ve got a big one too, that’s much better, but it’s packed away.


Small accor­di­on. I bought it from a bloke on the street round the back of Keletty train station in Budapest when I was study­ing there, as I felt a bit bereft of music­al instru­ments. It smells a bit funny. The bellows are covered in the same flowery fabric.


Doors of the ward­robe. The dress­ing gown is one of the best £2s I’ve ever spent. It’s got a design of white peacocks. I stuck a few pictures, chosen at a whim really, on the other door to cheer it up a bit.


Article about Twin Peaks I tore out of Nylon. The way every­one has pink lips in the illus­tra­tion is suit­ably creepy.


Picture of Brighton Pier I took with a box camera


A couple of post­cards- birds & Nara


Anim­al Collect­ive promo


Deer­hunter & Sonic Youth promos


Me mam’s llama rug. She’s got quite a few of these about the house.


Some bags hanging on the back of the door.


Chest of draw­ers. I’m not a fan of the pine. The Beatles lunch­box is full of jewellery and so on.


Like so. Yes, all my jewellery is cheap plastic rubbish, I know.


Here’s me.

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  1. It was nice of her to make it, but it's a rare example of her making some­thing nice. Excel­lent craft skills + poor eye for colour/​design does not often end i good results.

    Before her eyesight went she was addicted to crafts, and was constantly produ­cing things and fobbing them off on the first relat­ive she saw. Liter­ally every­one in my family has about 7 of these beige cush­ions with puffy kittens/​puffy beige land­scapes on that she did. She used to have a box of awful jump­ers she'd made on a whim, and she'd try to dig you out one that vaguely fitted every time you visited.

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