Mystery film

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I found this film at the bottom of a plastic sleeve full of collage stuff. I’d care­fully cut round each picture on the negat­ive, so it was indi­vidu­ally cut out with a neat border, and I have abso­lutely no idea why I did it. The orange mask on c41 film makes it impossible to see the picture unless you hold it up to the light, and cutting the pictures out indi­vidu­ally from 120 film is a stupid idea, and I would have known better since I was about 16. I first star­ted using medi­um format film in 2004, when I was about 20, so I really don’t know.


In 2004 and 2005 I worked in a photo lab, and you had to feed the film in as strips- indi­vidu­al pics would just get caught in the drum. At the begin­ning of 2007 I got the film scan­ner, because I no longer had access to free devel­op­ment, but the film scan­ner also takes strips of film. You can put indi­vidu­al negs in, but it’s a pain to keep them flat. It would make sense if you were doing contact prints by hand, but I have never had the equip­ment to do colour contact prints. My only guess is that I saw a tutori­al for some altern­at­ive photo­graphy process that required it, and didn’t get round to it, but if I’m inter­ested enough to do some­thing I usually do get round to doing it even­tu­ally. I don’t know, it’s a mystery. The photos are very clearly of Read­ing, and the film is some of the profes­sion­al Fuji stuff I got a huge bag of for 50p a roll in 2005, and then kept in the freez­er for the next 3 years. I just don’t know why I took these pictures, why I cut up the negat­ives so precisely and point­lessly, and what I was plan­ning to do with them. There are a couple more in the Flickr set.


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