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These are some pictures I scanned from a 1970s kids book at my dad’s house called Nature All Around. My uncle used to work for a non-fiction publish­er and we always seemed to have strange free books from his work around the place. It has draw­ings and photo­graphs of things chil­dren can spot around the aver­age brit­ish garden/​field/​beach and inform­a­tion about the lives of the vari­ous creatures.


Here’s our author. Person­ally I like neither sting­ing nettles nor cauli­flowers.


The cover is 70s brown, with this photo of the writer’s kids and wife inspect­ing some leaf mould. I like the twin’s tiger jack­ets. Good work Ma Chinery.


Puffins. Puffins! About 7 years ago I visited Reyk­javik, where they like to cook puffins. One restaur­ant was offer­ing a puffin feast. Puffin salad, roast puffin and tiram­isu. Hope­fully the tiram­isu had pureed puffin in it, or I think people would have asked for their money back due to lack of puffin.


I used to dare myself to open this page with the picture of the slug on. I hate slugs.

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