Nature All Around

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These are some pictures I scanned from a 1970s kids book at my dad’s house called Nature All Around. My uncle used to work for a non-fiction publisher and we always seemed to have strange free books from his work around the place. It has drawings and photographs of things children can spot around the average british garden/field/beach and information about the lives of the various creatures.


Here’s our author. Personally I like neither stinging nettles nor cauliflowers.


The cover is 70s brown, with this photo of the writer’s kids and wife inspecting some leaf mould. I like the twin’s tiger jackets. Good work Ma Chinery.


Puffins. Puffins! About 7 years ago I visited Reykjavik, where they like to cook puffins. One restaurant was offering a puffin feast. Puffin salad, roast puffin and tiramisu. Hopefully the tiramisu had pureed puffin in it, or I think people would have asked for their money back due to lack of puffin.


I used to dare myself to open this page with the picture of the slug on. I hate slugs.

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