Op Shops of Katoomba

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While I was in Sydney, I went for the day to visit my friend Zoe in the inland moun­tain town of Katoomba. She grew up in the area, and she and her part­ner had only recently moved back from Sydney after find­ing a really cool 1920s house. I would have made a longer visit, but they had only just moved house, and were still unpack­ing. This is the view from the end of the street- the Three Sisters.

Even in a small moun­tain town, you can get good Korean food in Australia. (We also went to a pub where we got told off for taking our drinks outside onto the patio due to it being the wrong time of day for the licence or some­thing- I guess it’s an improve­ment on the six o clock swill days in Australia)

A flam­in’ galah. Little pink budgies that laugh at you in the street.

The bus prob­ably takes you off to far-flung planes.

Katoomba has excel­lent charity/​op shops. I wanted this kite, but it was too fragile.

I quite fancied this book of jesusy comics to cut up for collages, but it weighed a tonne. (Post­age from Australia is expens­ive and I didn’t have enough luggage allow­ance left)

Australia is famous for its road trip trail of Big Things in small towns. I was temp­ted to get this book, but it’s from the early 90s, so the collec­tion of Big Things to see was pretty outdated. There’s a lot more now than in the book, and some things are gone.

Just the thing to curse any room you hang it up in.

I actu­ally did buy this, because it made me laugh to find a Tintin book in a super niche region­al Swiss German dialect in a char­ity shop in Australia. A souven­ir from an Australi­an who went to Switzer­land, or an unwanted gift from a Swiss visit­or?

I used to have this game when I was a kid, along with the very simil­ar Puppy Game.

What a thought­ful gift.

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