Sydney Sealife

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On my last day in Australia, I had a few hours to waste in between check­ing out of the hotel and getting the train to the airport. I was stay­ing right next to the Aquar­i­um, so I went there. I didn’t visit the local zoo, because it looks grim, and I’m gener­ally against city zoos with large anim­als who don’t have enough space to roam. The aquar­i­um isn’t the cruel kind with large sea mammals, so I felt ok about going there. It’s mostly small fish and coral, with some rays, sharks and small penguins.

All hail our new over­lord the cuttle­fish.

Local doofus. The biggest thing there was a pair of 20 year old orphaned dugongs who had failed at being re-released into the wild, so now live here and eat sever­al tonnes of lettuce a day.

This penguin decided it liked the look of me, and maybe I had some fish, so got up close and stared at me discon­cert­ingly. The photo isn’t zoomed in.

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