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New zines, after a bit of a break

I’ve got two, count ’em, two (it’s not very difficult counting) new zines for you, that took a while to get finished. One with the usual fluff, the other about Vienna. Each is 24 pages, 1/4 sized, and costs £1 + postage from my website shop. I also have quite a lot of back issues on there for 80p + postage at the moment, when they’re gone, they’re gone.

I also like to swap. I’ll swap for zines that interest me, vintage dress patterns with 34″ bust, Viewmaster reels, rolls of expired camera film or interesting (vegetarian) sweets from your country. UK-based people can also send me an SAE and two unused 1st class stamps to get an issue. This is my email address for any arrangements.

Issue 14 is about Vienna:

October 2010/ November 2012/June 2013
(I mislaid the pages)

About working in/visiting Vienna

* Schiele & Hundertwasser
* Schokobananas & Schnitzels
* All the dumplings you can eat

Issue 20 has the usual sort of things that interest me

24 pages 1/4 sized purple paper

June 2013 (whatever the cover says, I’m slow sometimes, ok?)

* Jeff Mangum
* North Korea
* Pointless competitions I have won
* Books and ice cream and so on

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