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On the way from Nieder­ös­ter­reich to Vorarl­berg I stopped off alone in Salzburg along the way. I had to change trains in Vienna, and after a week of hearty, dairy-laden alpine food I was very, very thank­ful to eat some dhal and chapat­tis at the station. I really, really liked Salzburg and would gladly return there. I don’t know what it is about the city, but it just had a really nice atmo­sphere. I arrived at about 5pm, found the hotel really easily, and dumped my stuff and went for a wander. It’s an old univer­sity town, with a castle perched on an outcrop of the moun­tain look­ing down. There is a stereo­type in Austria that people in Salzburg are snobby, but I found them friendly enough.

aerial 1


I wandered through the old town, and made my way up to the castle via the funicu­lar. I love panor­amic views, but I’m also terri­fied of heights, so I have a tend­ency to force myself to go up to these places with shaky knees, grip­ping onto some­thing for dear life, but being glad I made myself do it. At the top I had an over­priced coffee and slice of cake, but again, it was worth it for this view. There is no point in going to Austria if you don’t stuff your­self with cake at every oppor­tun­ity.

aerial 2

I looked at these pennies and wondered if the urban myth about throw­ing pennies from high places being leth­al was true or not.

schloss 3

A great view for a guard’s post.

old town

A peace­ful square at the top of the moun­tain.

schloss 5

Work­ing my way back down into the town.

schloss 4

I like the wonk­i­ness of the windows. It reminds me of the sets from the Cabin­et of Dr Caligari.

square 1

At the bottom of the castle they had all these chairs and tables set up with a big screen. Not for foot­ball, however, but for opera. You know you’re in Austria . . .


I went in this gallery and had a really nice chat with the artist/​owner Peter Gerl and bought some post­cards of his paint­ings. Obvi­ously I would’ve liked a real paint­ing, but the budget didn’t stretch that far. I really liked the effect of the scratchy ink lines and gouache washes on the brown paper. It’s given me some ideas.


Then I had a walk along the river, and bought some Sound of Music souven­irs for my sister, who was obsessed with the film when she was young­er. The next morn­ing I had to leave early to get to the Swiss border, but I would defin­itely like to go back to Salzburg.

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