fresco in salzburg

St Wolfgangskirche, Niederösterreich

outside 2

While in Kirchberg-am-Wechsel we were given a tour of a disused church perched up on the mountainside. It has suffered a lot of misfortune over the years (if you can read German there is a wikipedia article here), it burnt down and was rebuilt twice, and is furnished with all kinds of leftovers from other churches, which makes it more interesting.

outside 1


Remains of the original painted exterior.

plaster 2

Broken carvings around the door.


The interior.

graffiti 1

Historical graffiti.


Stained glass window borrowed from another church and kind of shoe-horned in.


School project from the 50s, a scale model of the church. There were various kid’s and teacher’s names signed on some of the bricks.

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