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Austri­an super­mar­kets sell mostly the same range of predict­able mid-tier products. You know where you are with a Billa anywhere in the coun­try. German super­mar­kets however are wild. €500 euro bottle of whis­key next to a deeply suspi­cious vat of €1 discount ham? With some wash­ing machines just stacked up in the corner? No prob­lem. They’ve got it all.

I partic­u­larly like the products that haven’t changed their pack­aging design since the 70s.

Mmmm, hemp chunks.

How much can one banana cost, Michael?

There’s also often a lot of themed decor­a­tion going on. He surveys his domain of condi­ments.

Yes that is a knit­ted pig on the butcher’s counter.

Germany produces an incred­ible array of really awful pre-pack­aged shots. The market lead­er, Party Klop­fer, brands itself as “Germany’s loudest party drink”. No prom­ises as to the taste or qual­ity there, note.

Feigling has a cool label, but tastes like abso­lute shit.

All of these drinks are the same flavour- orange cola. Schwip-Schwap wins on name stakes by a long way, but Spezi is the one that tastes the best.

North­ern Germany loves salmiak. And so do I.

A million kinds of Haribo, as is consti­tu­tion­ally required.

Argenta is an East German chocol­ate company that is still going. And still making these weird marsh­mel­lows.

Er, excuse me?

There was also this pick and mix perfumed wax section. They didn’t sell any of the stuff you might need to use them like a wax burn­er, or tealights though.

And also Munich souven­irs as an Okto­ber­fest special. Munich is 500 miles away from there.

You also know you’re in north­ern Germany when they have Otti­fanten branded everything.

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