Sheffield Zine Fest 2015

veg 2

Not many updates recently, I’ve been really busy with university applications and DIY Space for London organisation (some exciting news to come from us on that very soon, once we’ve got certain things fixed in stone).

I went up to Sheffield again a few weeks ago for the zinefest, organised by my friends Bettie and Chella, and staying at Rebecca’s with Tukru. I think there must be something around Sheffield in the Spring that I’m horribly allergic to. Whenever I go up in March or April I have some kind of horrible reaction, yet when I’ve been up in the Autumn, no problem. Once when the bus went past Chesterfield, a nearby town, my whole face puffed up like a hamster and no amount of anti-histamines would deflate it, and was that way the whole weekend, spontaneously deflating again once I was clear of Derbyshire on the way home. I had no hamster face this time, but sinus pain and a nasty rash on my shoulders and nausea. Perhaps I’m allergic to steel. Nowhere else in the region seems to give me this problem. (It’s also sad because the zinefest venue has a slide, and I’ve never been able to go on it in any of the years I’ve been, it not being a good idea when you’re pukey or suffering from balance problems due to a giant swollen face and glands.)

So I wasn’t firing on all cylinders, and missed out on a friend’s birthday drinks, and didn’t get to hang out with people as much as I would have liked, but overall I still had a good time, and came home with a big bag of traded zines which I haven’t had time to read properly yet. Here’s some photos I took of the event and with links to the work of the excellent people in the pictures.

The next zine fair I’m tabling at is the NW Zinefest up in Manchester on the 30th of May.


Tukru‘s not-at-all-scary author photo, inspired by Jessica Fletcher.

Pete Dead Trees

Pete from Dead Trees and Dye

Marching Stars

Lizzie and Emma from Marching Stars. Sadly soon to close, so catch their closing down sale.


Jen at the entrance stall.


Insurrection comic.


Harriet Alana and a top secret mystery spy.


Footprint printing co-op.


Clod magazine.

Bear hat

I can’t remember who these lovely people were. Anyone know?

Animated Review

Animated Review.

Fortune teller

Glamourous fortune teller.


Holly Casio.

Zucchini sign

The one, the only, the incredible Madame Zucchini (who was doing a vegetable craft workshop)

Zucchini lady

Madame herself.

veg 2

Eric, sa chouchou chou.

veg 1

Vegetable creations.

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