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I had two never-before-seen zines to bring with me to the Sheffield Zine Fest (photos of the festival coming later in the week). Issue 22 was new, whereas issue 14 has a bit of a history. I made no. 14 a few years ago, mislaid the pages, found them again last year and finished some bits off, made a few copies, mislaid them again moving house and then found them again recently. Now they’re safe in a folder with all my other master copies, scanned to a pdf, and available to print whenever I want.

There’s also a gallery of all my zines here.

Fanzine Ynfytyn 22
24 pages 1/4 sized purple paper

yf 22 1sm

March 2015
Being in charge of a maze
Multiple Small Pleasures
£1 + postage in the shop

yf 22 3sm

yf 22 2sm

yf 14 sm 1

Fanzine Ynfytyn 14
24 pages 1/4 sized green paper

October 2010/ November 2013
(I mislaid the pages)
About working in/visiting Vienna
Schiele & Hundertwasser
Schokobananas & Schnitzels
All the dumplings you can eat
£1 + postage in the shop

yf 14 sm 2

yf 14 sm 3

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