Some design changes

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I watched a docu­ment­ary about typo­graphy the other day, and it made me want to make a few adjust­ments to the fonts on my blog template. Which then lead to making a lot of other changes. First of all I tried a back­ground, but it really didn’t work, it was much too busy…

My origin­al layout was a simple feed of all blog posts, with a side bar with vari­ous widgets in it. I real­ised I wasn’t that keen on the side­bar, it looked cluttered and took away space from the actu­al photos I was post­ing. So it got the chop and the entries took full screen. I hate it when you’re trying to read some­thing online and there’s loads of auto­play­ing videos and anim­at­ing sliders draw­ing your eye away.

I tried out a few layouts for the front page and categor­ies…And decided I wanted to make it easi­er to find things in specif­ic categor­ies rather than just the most recent posts, so added some filters to the front page. I altern­ated vari­ous differ­ent avail­able templates so it wasn’t just a mono­lith­ic grid.

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