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Here’s some photos from a while back in Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei a beauty spot near where my mum lives in North­ern France. It’s a strange little place, located on top of a peak, but hidden away down narrow roads in a nation­al park, and named after the hermit who lived here in the 8th century. There is still a shrine to him there (as we shall see later).

I didn’t take any photos inside the church that came out well, but you can see the medi­ev­al look­ing terra­cotta fresco paint­ings here.

The 15th century chapel in the slightly eerie clear­ing by the woods where the hermit lives attracts a lot of artists. I partic­u­larly like the eerie paint­ing by French Expres­sion­ist paint­er Bern­ard Buffet on the right (closer view of the paint­ing avail­able here). You can see more of his work here (website in French only). The origin­al paint­ing hangs in this modern­ist house, which is open as a museum. And here it is. Be care­ful not to fall asleep in that shad­ow if you want to wake up in the same century.

(No-one recom­mends sleep­ing under those trees at all) The inform­a­tion board tells you that accord­ing to local belief sleep­ing on the big rock inside overnight was supposed to result in preg­nancy. Enjoy your changeling child!

(The special holy rock also reputed to cure incon­tin­ence too, and no, I am not making this up) Not such a qual­ity photo- but this small shrine across the water in the woods caught my eye, and I couldn’t get any closer. I’m glad someone in medi­ev­al times thought to stop Them from cross­ing the water and spoil­ing my after­noon out. The plants live here.

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