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Here’s some photos from a while back in Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei a beauty spot near where my mum lives in Northern France. It’s a strange little place, located on top of a peak, but hidden away down narrow roads in a national park, and named after the hermit who lived here in the 8th century. There is still a shrine to him there (as we shall see later).

I didn’t take any photos inside the church that came out well, but you can see the medieval looking terracotta fresco paintings here.

The 15th century chapel in the slightly eerie clearing by the woods where the hermit lives attracts a lot of artists. I particularly like the eerie painting by French Expressionist painter Bernard Buffet on the right (closer view of the painting available here). You can see more of his work here (website in French only). The original painting hangs in this modernist house, which is open as a museum. And here it is. Be careful not to fall asleep in that shadow if you want to wake up in the same century.

(No-one recommends sleeping under those trees at all) The information board tells you that according to local belief sleeping on the big rock inside overnight was supposed to result in pregnancy. Enjoy your changeling child!

(The special holy rock also reputed to cure incontinence too, and no, I am not making this up) Not such a quality photo- but this small shrine across the water in the woods caught my eye, and I couldn’t get any closer. I’m glad someone in medieval times thought to stop Them from crossing the water and spoiling my afternoon out. The plants live here.

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